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The purpose of this page is simply to ask two questions:

Is War Necessary?

If Not, How Then Can Humanity Eliminate Violence?

Over millennia, much research, thought and action has gone into finding avenues toward peacful existence of humankind. It seems to be human nature that fights between siblings can escalate to involve parents, extended family, and even tribes. In similar manner, local jurisdictions, nations, and the world come into conflict as they did in both hot and cold modes in the Twentieth Century.

All the while peaceful souls cried out and acted against the slaughters--to no real effect.

Large scale wars were often characterized individually as "the war to end all wars" as if vanquishing one side would erase the innate potential for violence in human kind.

We think there must be a better way. Our research indicates potential for violence lies in our genes. At the same time, many societies have been peaceful for centuries, even in the most violent of nations. It appears to us, violence is a matter of nature / nurture. That picture is not simple, nor can it be complete.

Please give us your best thinking.


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