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I'm new here so I figured I'd start with something old. :-) It's a post I made a few months ago, some of it refers to older posts, but you don't need to know that info. to understand the main point(s) of this post. The post is "colored" with some of my own belief. Being an american I feel I have a right to express that...change my mind if you can, I value your perspectives as they "are the mirrors in which we see ourselves."(J. Krishnamurti)

Seeking truth is a lot easier than they'd have you think. I use the same method I use for picking figs, which is to look from many perspectives. There are many leaves and false teachers out there, but simply by changing the perspective you can see past them and find the ripe fruit or truth. With figs you just move a little and veiw from a different angle, but things are more complicated when finding truth. Belief gets involved. Instead of simply looking at what is, we look for what should or has to be.

This solidification of thought is a mind going blind to the truth. We've all seen this blindness in action, we've all had it, we all suffer from it. It allows for gross distortion in our lives which generally causes all our conflicts. Sadly it's a blindness that's generally promoted in society out of the insecurity and fear of our 'leaders'. It comes in many forms(religions, racism, sexism, political parties, nationalism, etc.) and it's purpose is to 'normalize' and control individually so that folks like me don't become something that scares insecure people that don't understand where we're coming from(often leading to wild assumptions, burning witches at the stake, and other stupid human tricks). Such chaos would hurt productivity, which takes us back to the post on greed. Anyway, for the fearful there's a huge problem with their plan(and boy do they have plans LOL), belief is ALL over the map, which is why they must control and/or kill everyone with different beliefs. No matter how sweet and holy and right they think they are eventually their drive for security must lead them to become what they are, yet they will not see this for it is not what they were shown/given to believe.

Humankind is stuck in a war between individual's freedoms and society's beliefs, making a stable platform for greed to grow difficult, but we're making 'progress'. Our 'progress'/coming new world order will be a major step in stamping out individual freedom and creativity. We may stilll have a full time job and walmart, but it'll come at the cost of our souls. We were made to create, not become a cash cow for the state. At that point our time will run out.


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