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War and peace
Since this site seems more for getting Democrats elected than creating the condicitons for peace let me comment on the current war in the Ukraine. A war Road to Peace failed to prevent or has even commented on since 2014. The Russian president makes a big deal out of NATO expansion. Several years ago there was some talk in Europe about NATO being obsolete. Then Russia invaded the Ukrainian province of Crimea and suddenly NATO did not seem at all obsolete. All the Russian president had to do was to mind his international manners and this would not be a problem. Besides, NATO does not have the unity, forces, the will or the desire to invade Russia. Even if it did have all that, Russia has those thousands of nukes and it would be insanity to invade Russia. NATO knows that. So do all of its member states. And so does the Russian president. And now NATO is seen as critical to the security of Europe. War is pretty messy in regards to alliances and such. In WWII the Soviet Union was first a Nazi ally and then an ally of Britain and the Western Democracies. Churchill avoided declaring war on the USSR for the very reason they they might later be a military friend. It might be that some of the Russian oligarchs are wavering which way to go. Taking away their assets would probably drive them into Herr Putin's camp. This is a war where nuance and soft power are playing enormously effective roles. Herr Putin seems ot know little of either and is at a severe disadvantage.
Edited for clarity - RTP; 5 July 2008

Hi: please guide me and wait, wait, wait. I have been made a site or web. It's name (Kill the war Leave the Peace.)

Today, all people need to think more, hear more and listen. Then think about future.

The people must think a lot about world's problems. One of important problem is the war . The war is worse than fire. I think and sure the presidents and the kings can not think. They are ill. They need doctor. May be they are mad. They have not any well answer . I am sorry , because I do not know English very well.

best wishes
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It tells how "The Law" is required, everywhere, and enforced everywhere, to get world peace. Violators are to be arrested, tried, convicted, imprisoned, etc. Certainly not allowed to hold positions of power or authority.

The Law makes it illegal for anyone to advocate death or injury of any person or persons for any reason whatsoever. Think about it.
There is no such law ANYWHERE in the world.

At best, if someone is killed, then threats are taken seriously. Advocacy of death is considered either free speech, as in America, or just acceptable everywhere else.

According to written records, at least till the treaty of Westphalia, peace was an exception. That is, as long as warlike spirits, as with the Samurai, prevailed. A famous fragment of Heraclitus says: "War is the father of all; some he makes free, others slaves." But gunpowder leveled all, high and low.
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