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by S. ELLIOTT, MSc--- Every human being with a heightened conscience and sense of empathy should pause to reflect on the murder of another of our fellow beings, without regard for the identity of the perpetrator, victim, or the list of alleged crimes. No murder should ever be met with rejoicing or celebration. However, the murder of bin Laden, in our dominant cultural psyche, is considered a 'justifiable' homicide-- meaning that this murder was an act of justice, and something which was well-deserved in response for bin Laden's alleged involvement in bombings and attacks against civilians and against Western targets.
Many conflicts are as a result of ignorance:Islam is really a religion of peace that is being tainted by a couple of Hypocrites.According to, [Satanic Terrorists] terrorists violate many Islamic tenets and are as a matter of fact, satanists and not Muslims. This information will certainly stop terrorist recruitment and end their guerrilla warfare by stopping their local support.

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Terror strikes at the heart of people when they are confronted by seemingly random loss of life and / or property. Terror “pulls the rug” out of what is normally the experience of a day-to-day ordering of life. This is especially so, when any loss is the result of a direct intentional act by another human being – i.e.; a person intentionally chooses to randomly take another’s life.

Terror and Religion

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