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Infinitesimal Amir Alexander

book Review

In this delightful book, you can follow the authorís rendition of the Mythos / Logos conflict from the standpoint of its infinitesimal mathematical turf. In the Alexanderís skillful hands Infinitesimal turns out to be a most important concept influencing, if not creating, the Reformation, Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, and more. Whether cause or effect in logic, whether tradition and religion or belief or science, Alexander provides a page turner we could not put down.
Edward O Wilson

Book Review with commentary

What an engaging and timely book. This is said in 2010 of a book first published on 1978. Not only did it predate most of the research done on this site, but he did so with Consilience. His work supports and verifies with copious and insightful anecdotes what we have done independently. His most wonderful and basic showing is the connectedness of human social systems with our genetic heritage. Well referenced, Wilson's book is immensely readable and interesting while being a scholarly and authoritative treatise of great importance.
Updated 5 mar 2010

Since much of our information on this site came via books by many authors we thought it appropriate to list the books here by title.

1776 - David McCollough

Abraham - Bruce Feiler

A Nation of Sheep - William J Lederer