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Questions & Actions For Our Times
Why do people not learn from history about violence ?
What do young people think about violence ?

Given that Capitalism, Socialism/Communism, and Theism each govern nations on our planet, in what critical and important way might they be similar in execution of governance?

What if each was headed up by a charismatic psychopath individual, or cabal of psychopaths?

Could each, in its own way become a dictatorship, at least in effect?

How did Hitler gradually and lawfully gain power?

Are there any similarities between Hitler's ascent to power and recent historical trends?

Is Fascism in America possible?

Use the comment box below to post your thoughts about why or why not.

Throughout history, war has seemed justified. But where has war taken humanity, but to the next war? Despots rise from the fringes as empires fall. Backward regions are fought over by the empires for their mineral riches. And where does that take us?

Sometimes war is indeed necessary; just imagine a world where Hitler reigned supreme. Hitler was a true sociopath. In effect, so was Stalin. Neither lost any sleep over what they did to their own brethren, much less other people.
Which wins attention from the popular mind?
Logical Analyses?
What should we do about that?
What makes us think the way we do? Are we isolated? Is it because of our need for individualism? How does equality fit in with everyone marching to their own drum? Do we not know any better than what media selects for us, and the lack of true international news? Why do you think the way you do, and how does that compare to the person across the drink? Tell me how you think.
Question From Visitor

4 Jan 2004

Is there such a thing as a Liberal with an "Authoritarian Personality" disorder, or is this a problem unique to Conservatives?

Perhaps there is a parallel virus we might call "Anarchy Personality" disorder. Hmmm....?
The purpose of this page is simply to ask two questions:

Is War Necessary?

If Not, How Then Can Humanity Eliminate Violence?