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Mein Kampf
Adolf Hitler
Book Review With Commentary

Mein Kampf Catalog
Vol 1, Ch 1

Hitler was more than just an Authoritarian Personality--He was an original, a prototype of the most violent extreme. He defined the personality in his memoir, Mein Kampf, while discussing the Jews. The label Authoritarian , however, properly belongs to Adorno. Hitler's racism was most extreme. His propaganda knew no bounds. In genocide, his only peers were Stalin and Mao. These men are well worth study by those who would understand violence and terror in polar-opposite human political systems.

Hitler was not as original as he would have us believe. But the mere fact that he brought such a holocaust upon the world demands we understand his ideas and techniques when they occur. Unfortunately, some of them are afoot in our times.

Anerica comprises a pluralist society, becoming more plural with each passing day. There is room for the complacent just as there is room for the activists. There is a page for the propagandists--and teachers of scientific and democratic principles, for example--all guaranteed by the First Amendment. We can teach honesty and fair play even as we promote friendly competition. We can teach history with insight; we can teach how to think independently and how to continue learning throughout life. We can teach the values of faith without confusing it with or involving it in governance. We can teach how to select the gems out of original thoughts, and we can teach the history, psychology, economics, and perspectives of extremism to guard against extremism in our times.

Or can we?

Recognizing extremism when we see it, understanding its origins, and dealing with the propaganda, is the single most critical issue of our era.

For your on-line perusal we provide a copy of Mein Kampf, to read for yourself.


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