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AIG came into being unregulated.

What happened?

The big shots took care of themselves first. After all, they had a license to do so.

Do know anyone who could refuse such temptation?

Barrels of money went into the the big shot's already-deep pockets. Those barrels of money disappeared from society's bank accounts.

Which side of these barrels are you on?

Administration critics claim the idea of implementing controls of the type that are now imposed on the banking community are radical. Nice try, but if one of those critics was dying of cancer, s/he would opt for radical surgery. So which side are they on? Roosevelt brought the banking system of his day back to life by imposing controls. [They have since been relaxed, but should not have been.]

Who could have prevented it this time--but made it easier instead?

Many people for sure, but some of them still sit in Congress--vowing to keep the Plutocrat's pocket-filling money-spigots flowing wide-open.


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