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Posted by pyrrhon

We should all understand the showdown between the U.S. and Iran like the prior showdown that led to war with Iraq is not so much about any potential weapons program but about power. In a world that is 100% dependent on oil for survival, that country, which has a surplus of oil will have power and that country with a deficit supply of oil will not. Unless, the deficit country plays unfair.

Iran, a major oil producer and one of the largest countries in the area, is naturally going to have and want influence in the region. This is what the US and Israel fear and is what motivates all we do in the Middle East. The US will continue to do everything in its dwindling power to sink every effort of Iran to join the global community.

Wealthy NGOs, like the Heritage Foundation have for some time been waging a lying propaganda war against Iran. It is obviously designed to sway the American public into hating Iran to get our backing in our efforts to weaken and even destroy Iran, so that once again the US will be the reigning power in the world.

I keep hoping that the other superpowers in the world will reign us in, but I guess as long as they let us borrow money from them and as long as we keep purchasing their goods and services, they will serve our will.


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