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Well, this is a highly intellectual topic! As for what triggers anger, I truly believe it lies within one's self-coping in relation with challenges. We as humans, are all faced with challenges. These challenges are of various kinds. No one human has a "perfect life"; this does not exist, yet we seem to search for it.

I truly believe that heaven and hell are here on earth. I say this with conviction as you will agree, it is on earth that we as humans experience the most beautiful things, as it is here on earth that we experience the most deplorable and ugly things.

Back to the challenge reference, I believe that one that does not overcome such challenge, may in turn resort to anger. On the other hand, when one knows how to deal or cope with such challenge, one then turns to inner peace. Its a matter of acceptance! When one moves onto the acceptance stage, he or she has overcome such challenge. If one remains in the denial phase, acceptance is usually hard to fathom.

Ultimately, no matter the challenge, it is a question of choice; it is one's choice to live in harmony as oppose to live in anger. Certainly, it is easier said than done, but I believe in this way of thinking since it is when I learned that myself, that I found inner peace. It was a long journey of soul searching. Understanding who I was, what I've been through and most importantly accepting it, This way of thinking was what brought happiness into my life!

Life is short, it is up to us to make the best of it; Life IS what YOU make of it!

JMG - Sept 13th 2010


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