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The Boston Tea Party and the current Tea Party, have something in common: They don't like the status quo. Neither had, nor has, a clear sense of direction. It is their passion that rocked and is rocking the boat. Something was and is definitely wrong with the governance system.

What begins to give us pause are the facts that while the early Boston residents were protesting the policies of King George III toward his colonies, the current Tea Party seems to be protesting against its own government.

Further pause comes from the fact that it is the far right that is enabling and sponsoring the Tea Party. Is this the Boston party in reverse? It would seem so.

This particular trait is not unique with protests of the Tea-party variety. What is interesting about this turn of history, and what it means for America's well-being and its future, is a mixed bag. The swinging pendulum has picked up a wobble of poorly defined proportion or direction.

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