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Enable us God to follow you in spirit and understand what it means to do so. Open the doors of our hearts and let in the light of your wisdom and love. We are naturally endowed with the ability to feel love. We let people tell us that we are being duped and that others are taking advantage of our innocence. Those people themselves have been taught to think and respond unnaturally and so the distrust propagates.

It feels so good to behave naturally to give our love without withholding and controlling –even when what we receive in return are ridicule and rejection. The ridicule and rejection is nothing but distrust and an attempt to hide vulnerability. What is it with some of our Muslim brothers? Why is it that they want to throw away all happiness – an opportunity to love and be loved? Some of them are so sweet and innocent – so young little kids. And they are pumped with feelings of revenge and a cause they can scarcely understand the complexity of which.

Yes an injustice has been done. What does fighting (literally) against it do? We think that the other party is responsible for the injustice and attack it, thinking that destroying them will enable us to live in peace. However most human beings (or any being) are not an independently functioning units most of the time-they are like programmed robots –living man-machine. Programmed by greed, self-centeredness, ego, anger, and other compulsive habits. Satan presses the required buttons and sees human-beings dance to its tunes-fighting, hurting, getting hurt, becoming drug slaves, sex slaves, becoming stupid and so on and so forth and enjoys this show-this misery of human race.

Each party thinks it is finishing off evil by attacking weak humans who succumbed to it. Not so. When we hurt we allow Satan to hurt through us and God gets hurt. And when he hurts us back Satan hurts though him and God gets hurt again. Do we get it? It’s always God who gets hurt even though he is not hurting. The one that hurts and one that gets hurt are different. You can feel it-feel the emotion the rage which gets you to hurt another and then feel the hurt – observe where you feel the emotions. They will be at different places.

The only way to hurt evil is to not let it conquer- to remain strong and not succumb to evil(greed,selfishness, anger, addiction)and not to hurt when been hurt but to persuade those who hurt us to see the folly and get over it. To give them love and help them forgive themselves. This is true. This is no mere philosophy-it’s true. Don’t hurt God in your fellow beings no matter what. And if at all it has to be done apologize to God within, do it with sorrow in heart not jubilation.


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