Skip to main content. has now spent a decade researching the origins of terror and finding avenues to save humanity from itself. The origins are so deep, that the fix will require a second evolution toward peaceful co-existence through cooperation to emphasize parenting and nurturing at the expense of dominance and hierarchy. All five accented words are the products of natural evolution.

These tendencies reside in each of us in varying degrees. Our species as a whole is made up of both violent and nurturing genes in variable degrees of balance. The natural result is that not only are we violent on the immediate family scale, but on the group, society and national levels as well--depending on the relative levels of External and Internal Locus of Control exercised by each of us. Peaceful societies emphasize nurturing.

At least that is how we read the evidence we have developed.

In proceeding from here, Dialogue in the manner of Socrates is one place to start. Perspective and depth of insight are sought, for we cannot afford to be superficial. Your opinion counts and you can Make Yourself Heard on this site simply by becoming a member. You will remain anonymous, except for your screen name, as we do not reveal information about you without your permission.