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FEUDALISM IN PAKISTAN TODAY--A Blueprint For Violence Shows Through.

Item: Pakistani woman gang-raped three years ago, as a tribal reprisal for the woman's brother's alledged having an affair with a girl from a neighboring tribe. Witnesses reported her young brother, 13, was only seen walking with the girl.

According to the victim:

"I had only three choices. Either to commit suicide by jumping in a well or shed tears all my life like any other victim in such cases. Or I could challenge the cruel feudal and tribal system and harsh attitudes of society." Mukhtaran Mai.

Mai's personal courage led to the gang members being convicted. Then all but one was released by an Islamic Court. After loud protests by Mai, her supporters and a huge uproar from the rest of the world, the Pakistani Supreme Court reinstated the original convictions. However it eventually works out, this atrocity highlights the feudalistic nature of parts of the world today.

Feudalism is most-basically an expression of instincts for fierceness that underlie the authoritarian personality that too many of us in all societies inherit. It is a tribal form of governance only one step up from savagery. Feudalism thrives best when the the populace is essentially ignorant and powerless. Because fierceness is driven by genetics, its expressions, violence, terror, war and genocide, persist in spite of the historic march toward individual freedom, safety and enhanced life expectancy.

Democratic governance with a firm separation of Church and State is best able to ensure liberty in safe environments. Nevertheless, the democracies of our age differ greatly in their propensity toward, and tolerance of, violence. For example, Portugal and Norway are much less violent than are the United States or Israel. Democracy has come a long way since the Magna Carta, but we still have a long road to travel before all our brethren can rest in peace, even in the best of democarcies.

For this reason a world reformation is needed, not just in the realm of Islam. We are, after all, of the same genetic stock. But take heart. The very fact that many people do live in relative peace provides useful clues about how to make it happen everywhere. Other pages on this site address these issues in greater depth.

Posted by Harry on Wednesday, June 29, 2005 at 10:26:38

RoadtoPeace has come a long way since its first posting. The picture is now both clearer and more daunting. But is it not at all impossible.

Surveying the many existing web sites representing various cultures leaves the impression that all people yearn for peace. Achieving peace is a another matter. It will most likely be a work-in-progress for a good long time--like two generations or more.

A comity of nations is a worthy goal, and many institutions are working toward that end, laying cornerstones. Most of the complexity arises from the human psyche.

Our approach in researching opportunities for peace included understanding our origins. Natural history, anthropology, and human history combined provide a starting point. The disciplines of psychology and sociology are useful, indeed necessary, to sort out the features leading to violence. Once we know what we are really up against, we can begin thinking about how to move from here to there.

The Vikings and Columbus paved the way for Magellan. And so it will be along any road to peace. We hope and believe that we are on track. At the same time we know there will be twists and turns along the road ahead. What seems right today, may prove elusive when tried tomorrow. So then we can try something else.

Perseverance and much trial and error have brought humanity to an understanding of some of the bricks and mortar. It is now up to us to finish their assembly. Is this not a great opportunity?

Posted by RoadToPeace on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 at 08:51:32

This is true and for very good reasons. Bush and his cohorts, the Neocons, have wrecked havoc. To remove a single man, a despot, they have led over 4000 Americans to their death, displaced two million Iraqis, brought death or injury to a half million Iraqis, lost the respect of much of the world nations, deepened our financial crisis, bloated our national debt. Those scales don't begin to balance.

We long for the days of Eisenhower for the way he resolved the Suez crisis--peacefully and fairly for all. We opposed Johnson in Vietnam. We are centrists having fiscal conservative and social liberal leanings. We vote for the man, not the party.

What we are against is violence. We are especially against extremist personalities of the narcissistic, sociopathic, or psychopathic type when they gain power. Mr Bush, by his actions, exhibits the worst features of these personalities. There are millions of such people on earth. Many are ambitious. Some like Mr. Bush and Adolph Hitler, are so charismatic, their societies are literally willing to follow them off a cliff. Both Johnson and Bush led them to do exactly that.

It is no wonder some people in the peace business feel they are trying to remove an encroaching sand dune with a tea spoon when the wind is blowing. They have been losing for millennia.

To continue the metaphor, it is time to change the wind and what it is blowing.

For more on the above personality types, see:
for a considered professional opinion on Bush and
( for the more mundane personalities.

If you wish to question our reporting accuracy, please read these books and show us in context where we or their authors went astray.

Posted by RoadToPeace on Monday, June 23, 2008 at 18:30:38

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