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Model regulations concerning payments sent by prisoners to their own country.
1. The notification referred to in the third paragraph of Article 63 will show:
(a) Number as specified in Article 17, rank, surname and first names of the prisoner of war who is the payer;
(b) The name and address of the payee in the country of origin;
(c) The amount to be so paid in the currency of the country in which he is detained.

2. The notification will be signed by the prisoner of war, or his witnessed mark made upon if it he cannot write, and shall be countersigned by the prisoners' representative.

3. The camp commander will add to this notification a certiciate that the prisoner of war concerned has a credit balance of not less than the amount registered as payable.

4. The notification may be made up in lists, each sheet of such lists witnessed by the prisoners' representative and certified by the camp commander.


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