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Ever notice how often the words of this Administration sound compassionate, but the deeds, or attempted deeds, are conservative and even regressive? Let's take a look at Mr. Bush's record of promises made, deeds accomplished, and possible motives.

9/11 Commission Investigation

The promise: "The President believes that the commission should carefully investigate the evidence and follow all the leads where ever they lead." (Dan Bartlett, White House Communications Director, Wall Street Journal, 8 July 2003.)

The deed: Preventing commission access to "highly classified" documents.

His possible motive: Senator John McCain (Republican) "While I don't want to believe such a basic lack of cooperation was intentional, it nonetheless creates the appearance of stonewalling."

Publisher: Another Watergate? Probably not. Hiding a phony facade and deficient crisis management? Probably.

Clear Skies Initiative

The promise: 70% reduction in power plant emissions 15 years hence.

The deed: Most of the reduction would come in the last five years. Meanwhile, pollution rules have been relaxed and he will relax them more if he can.

The deed: Clear Skies would have no effect at all on carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas.

His possible motive: money support from those benefiting in 2004.


The promise: to expand the number of young participants to 75,000 from 50.000.

The deed: The 2004 budget reduced by 40 million dollars.

His possible motive: "Desire to distance himself from a Bill Clinton program however worthy."

Freedom Car

The promise: A car fueled by hydrogen, implying reduced dependence on foreign oil.

The deed: Hydrogen is not a "natural fuel" manufactured by nature, unlike petroleum and coal. It must be manufactured from other sources, like petroleum or water. This costs money, takes energy, and the extraction process contributes pollution that must be handled.

The deed: Freedom Car initiative is silent about doing anything about the 17 million cars and vans that still guzzle excessive fuel. In fact, Bush's Justice Department is joining Detroit in its law suits against California's low-emission vehicle program.

His possible motive: money support in 2004 from those benefiting.

Healthy Forest

The promise: Prevent the recurrence of forest fires in the West.

The deed: Plan would reduce public review of Forest Service policies such as awarding logging permits, oil drilling, or any habitat damaging activity.

His possible motive: money support in 2004 from those benefiting.

Employment as a number and as a fraction of the American workforce declined under the Republicans for the first time since the Hoover Administration. But all is well, just listen to Mr Bush brag about the low rate of unemployment.

Household per capita income also fell since Mr Bush took office. The tax cuts do not offset these losses. Again all is well, look at what the rich pocketed.

On false pretenses, Mr Bush led us into a war he cannot now get out of with honor. But, hey all is well, we kicked out a bad man, never mind that our historic and strongest Allies now hate us.

Women's Human Rights Treaty? He walked away even after senate approval, saying the treaty is flawed--and he expects us to believe in platitudes.

He not only walked away from the Kyoto environmental treaty, but his Justice Department is joining Detroit in its law suits against California's low-emission vehicle program. Isn't that a state's right; after all Florida had the right to use and miscount faulty ballots.

By his most effective double speak, Mr. Bush is redefining patriotism in the mold of the 18th Century robber barons. Whatever a president can get away with is good isn't it?

Mr. Bush is not alone in doublespeak. Many, maybe most, politicians are right in there with him. And now the democrats have picked up on camouflage as a way of political life. Look for it. America is not the better for it.

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