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While chasing ghosts in Iraq and alienating "old Europe" America sat on its hands while Pakistan contributed significantly to the spread of nuclear know-how. This one was real and it still is! The current Administration for all its bluster in its "War on Terror" continued the policies of previous administrations, "look the other way."

The fruit of the ultimate terror ripens in Pakistan. Thanks to another master of Double Speak, and in spite of its rapprochement with India.

Dr Khan, the Pakistani nuclear "secret trader," has his "hero status," wealth, and pardon; bin Laden has his wealth and haven, and Pakistan is a safe harbor for both.

Bin Laden, like Hussein, is of no significant consequence to the basic problem of terror. But he is a symbol of how things are going. As long as he survives, one can assume terrorism conceived in Pakistan and spawned in the Arabian desert is alive and well.

But Pakistan is something else; an exporter of nuclear technology and materials. General Musharraf was applauded by the current Administration for shutting down the leaks even as he pardoned the perpetrator and national hero, Dr Khan.

Libya has yielded to the sanctions and come clean. North Korea is quite another story.

Of course it is not that simple. Musharraf is indeed in a tight spot. Undoubtedly he made what for him were tough decisions. The problem predated him as well, but as the head of the army, he was ultimately responsible for what his army did and transported. Whether in fact he knew or did not know, shame on him.


A terrible irony: What we were told we should fear from Iraq, has been going on with Pakistan for years.

If this doesn't make the war on Iraq pointless, we do not know what does.

Check that, we forgot the billions American Industry is already raking in from the government. [Iraq adds over a billion dollars per week to the American voter's debt load.]

Check that, we also forgot that the new Iraqi constitution is slated to allow foreign ownership of its petroleum industry.

Check that, the Bush family settled an old score.

Nuclear terror is such a frightful eventuality, that that threat alone should be enough to lead the nations of the world to clamp a lid on it. See Nuclear terror and related articles.


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