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Rev 25 Mar 2007

Nature's way is survival of the fittest. And that is how future historians will likely describe the conflicts now in progress: Islam -vs- the "Infidels" (proclaimed jihad between religions) and Fundamentalism (extremism within religion). Despotism on both sides of the conflict tend to blur the boundaries.

Modern technology and weapons of mass destruction amplify these issues well beyond any historical precedence. This feature requires new approaches to violence.

Pursuant to nature's way, survivors will have the means and will to win.


  • Maintain perspective; dying by terror action is a minuscule probability compared with the likelihood of dying in an auto accident or by a misdiagnosed tumor.
  • Sustain a dominant military for the duration, however long it takes.
  • Develop means to identify enemies within its own society as it identifies those in other societies.
  • Counter the propaganda war with vivid but totally honest depiction of Western society, the good and not so good; emphasize the meaning of freedom, rights of women, and opportunities.
  • Develop and employ dialogue with enemies on all levels from top diplomats to the typical citizens; establish e-communications devoted to this purpose.
  • Work effectively in the family of nations for long term peace while tending to terror attacks as they occur.
  • Sanction all nations exporting or aiding terrorism.
  • Find solutions for all things nuclear. Work through the family of nations toward a secure system with equality among nations.
  • Employ war only as a last resort and do not hesitate to proceed in overwhelming manner if necessary. In that event, employ a modern "Marshall Plan" to rebuild the offender's society along peaceful lines.


Diplomatic initiatives removing the causes of terror will marginalize terrorism as the crime that it is. Diplomatic policies focusing on terror only foster more terror.

National and international activities must cease if they humiliate, alienate, radicalize youth into extremism anywhere.

Police work and coordinated intelligence with follow through on the part of all the world's nations is the most effective and appropriate response to terrorism.

Social changes where individual born into the next generation are provided with a reasonable balance between their External and Internal Loci of controls will go far toward stablizing society without resort to violence.

Continuing this start through extensive research, trial and error, with proper controls and information analyses, adjusting to better means as they develop.

Implementing these approaches will encourage mutual trust among the world's peoples, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or political persuasion.

Most people on earth are moderates. It is high time they started asserting themsleves everywhere with effect.


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