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Bravo to Macbush 09/10/2005 (Pittsburgh Bloggers)

Responsibility, or lack of it, does indeed define a person. Responsibility is one thing people are expected to have more of than animals--at least those trying to live in a civilization. Lack of responsibility may indeed arise as "Gene" describes; his excellent metaphor "hit and run" is apt, and so are the ramifications he sees. We excerpt two paragraphs of his excellent blog unedited for further comment:

    "What are we afraid of really: having our ego bruised, finding out the we aren't in control to the degree that we'd like to be or that we imagine ourselves to be, the cost and inconvenience of having to deal with the details of our irresponsible acts? When did George Bush ever have to do that? He has a national pool of suckers to bail him out unconditionally whether it's an unjustified war or an ill prepared disaster response.

    "In politics, the more people that support a particular lopsided view of the world, the more time, effort and resources that must be invested to make sure that that view appears infallible. Eventually, as much energy is required to sustain a pseudo reality than is required in the first place to deal with the reality on hand. So, as Hurricane Katrina destroys the human condition for thousands, the victims further become subject to a secondary disaster of government incompetence and indifference fueled by a false concessus of ideology. In the end Bush couldn't even fire Michael Brown, he had him reassigned. What commitment to ideals, what resolve! What a farce." Gene

We do indeed need to own up to what and who we are. If we simply did that, would lawyers have anything left to do? Meanwhile we have the Libbys, DeLays and Santorums. Gene put his finger on why we call them political animals. He also put his finger on why such politicians gain the power they have -- "...national pool of suckers." Our characterization of factors would not be that harsh--we prefer naivete, and by world standards, the impact even modest wealth has on the attitudes of Americans.

While we appreciate Gene's sentiments, we might also ask if we do not have a built-in conflict-of-interest in this life--that between our own survival and that of society? Too often our animal natures win. This is troublesome especially in the arena of governance whether the issue is Iraq, Enron, New Orleans, or the Supreme Court.

If it turns out to be as simple in concept as it seems, and as complex in shear magnitude, what then? How can one-on-one dialogues happen across the cultural gaps among present day societies? Will anything work short of grass-roots sea changes in cultures now in conflict? Any comments?

You can read Gene's complete article on: Pittsburgh Thoughts


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How about this string of events?

911--President heads for Louisiana while UA93 passengers thwart a further plane bombing.

Afghanistan--President wins turf in lightning fashion, Taliban and bin Laden escape alive and well; both are inching back, keeping their presence known.

Iraq--After beating the drums of war in Iraq, winning turf in dramatic style, no WMD, no al Qa'ida connections; women no longer feel safe going out; Iran bulding influence; oil production declines; Mosques bombed, US casualties soar as ethinic violence increases with each move toward democracy.

Nation building--Opportunities to establish beacons of liberty in Mid East flounder on mistaken strategy and wretched execution.

Family Intervention--President flies home to sign emergency legislation to keep Terri Schaivo breathing, while genocide in Africa proceeds as usual; courts overturn legislation.

Natural Disaster--President dawdles for two days while Katerina drowns New Orleans; transfers crony in charge only after national uproar.

Cronies--Meirs nomination for Supreme Court nixed by the hard right.

Character--Scooter Libby indicted; scandal closing in on Administration.

Who is responsible? Where does the buck stop?

Posted by RoadToPeace on Monday, September 12, 2005 at 11:33:28

23 months later: Karl Rove is gone!!! We can only speculate but it may be that his coming problems were really the doings of his boss, in which case having him out of the way lessons the pressure and any guilt-by-association.

Posted by RoadToPeace on Monday, August 20, 2007 at 23:39:34

36 months later: A miracle has happened. American voters have elected a black man to the highest office in the land. This transformational event embodies what it will take to accomplish lasting peace on earth, perhaps even in the next generation or two. Integration in all its meanings is at once a cornerstone and a wellspring for progress. Barack Obama embodies both. See: "" for more in integration.

Aside from the humongous damages they have done, George W Bush and Karl Rove, seem not to matter anymore. A new day is dawning.

Posted by RoadToPeace on Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 13:06:51

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