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Revised 13 April 2006

We believe freedom is a condition whose time has come. It must be nurtured and guaranteed -- from the individual through all levels of societies. Likewise, on the international scale, nations must feel free and unoppressed by all other nations. To be sure as the 21st century dawns, this is idealistic. We also believe that with the future of humanity at stake, there is too little idealism in this world.

See: Hope, Research, and Solutions.

See "Ode To America" for an East European view of freedom and "Who is an American?" for an Australian account.

For an organization that encourages volunteer public services and sponsors of same, see

Freedom comes in several guises:
  • Freedom of oral, written and pictorial speech,
  • Freedom from fear, harassment, and intimidation
  • Freedom of worship,
  • Freedom from want and injustice,
  • Equal opportunity for education, and
  • Personal equality.

Freedom does not mean fortress America, nor does it mean passivity, rather it means Pacificism. It certainly does not mean America-First or Manifest Destiny as knee-jerk policy, nor does it support or condone Zionism or Terrorism. Freedom can not mean exact equality for all— we are not a species of clones.

In a truly free society, people
  • are free to speak their minds and engage in dialogue.
  • are not subjected to arbitrary search, invasion of privacy, or seizure.
  • are tolerant of and protect religious expression truly separated from the state.
  • have concern for the disadvantaged and reach out individually and collectively.
  • value the personhood of everyone regardless of gender, creed, ethnic origin, or national origin.
  • oppose conditions that lead to alienation or humiliation, either of which can radicalize individuals, societies or nations.
  • oppose terrorism whether secular or religious, whether organized or random of whatever philosophy.

Free countries
  • practice dialogue in their diplomacy.
  • are evenhanded in their trading agreements and partnerships.
  • look for and attend to the disadvantaged within thier own borders as they encourage other nations to do the same.
  • discourage feudal and extremist regimes.

Freedom means celebrating our differences as we live, reach out, and work together in harmony and peace.


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