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Here our purpose is to find ways to reach across cultural and language divides. Maybe the issue is not so much the means as motivation and wherewithal. We can begin by learning about other people, their lives, and their livelihoods. We invite all those to participate who:

  • live in the East, West, North, and South,
  • are Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Hindus,
  • may be rich or poor,
  • need to be adopted,
  • can adopt,
  • can take time to go to and experience other cultures,
  • can celebrate their differences, and
  • can provide or host exchange students,

As knowledge of other cultures grows, common interests are recognized and mutual support arises among reasonable participants. One place to start is with Dialogue.


Two odd things stand out on this brief page:

1. The high negative rating and
2. the total lack of comments.

Could it be that a small but vigilant minority of sociopaths want to rule the world?

Or is it the religious zealots who feel threatened?

Or perhaps it is the plutocrats who profit from conflicts, especially war?

Is it all three? More likely. Whoever they are, they seem not to be willing to voice their reasons in public.

Posted by RoadToPeace on Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 14:08:21

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