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Just what are American values? Nearly every day we hear the phrase "American Values" in many contexts. Not too often are liberty and freedom mentioned, more likely we hear about a moral code from the Christian right, occasionally we hear something in a context of war. George Washington left us a timeless message, as appropriate as ever in our own itmes:

Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder

We are indebted to Hanno T. Beck for inspiration. Visit his site for some wonderful commentary.

American Values Less-Than-American Values
Supports country all the time and the government when it deserves it. -- Mark Twain Reacts defensively to thoughtful criticism of the U.S. government.
Inventive and entrepreneurial; excercises initiative. Favors balance between taxes and social needs. Opposes special interests. Embraces corporate welfare, special privileges; restricts freedom; cramps initiative.
Believes flexible options for energy are in America's best interests. Rewards big oil with tax breaks while discouraging other initiatives. Goes to war over oil supplies.
Thinks critics of misdirected government policies are patriotic. Calls critics of government policies unpatriotic.
Believes in human dignity and that women have the right for self determination. Opposes government-sponsored killing programs such as war, torture and humiliation. Believes that governments have the right to sacrifice their own citizens along with citizens of other countries. Violates Geneva Convention. Brags: "I am a war president" on TV.
Believes that the best way to lead people is by example while mentoring with understanding. Tries propaganda, redefines words, and if neither works, bullys.
Supports freedom of speech throughout society. Reserves freedom of speech for self and cronies.
Favors freedom of religion and feels proud to live in a land where people of many religions co-exist in relative peace. Believes his god is God and brings his brand of religion into governance. Stands against separation of Church and State.
Is concerned about the environment.   Walked away from Kyoto, drags feet on extension, prefers leaving it to industry.
Believes patriotism involves wanting the best for all peoples and working toward the best government possible. Patriotism means asserting that the U.S. government is already the best that can ever be as he guts the Fourth Amendment and brooks no criticism.
Supports individual rights to privacy. Opposes criminalizing victimless behaviors. Supports government collection of individual information. Pushes "war on drugs" while allowing the CIA to foster use of drug money to support surrogate warriors.
Considers education and research to be most critical for keeping democracy strong. Politicizes education; stifles university research; prevents stem cell research; cuts college budgets; underfunds existing appropriations.
Opposes tariffs on imported goods because trading countries prosper via competitive pricing. Imposes tariffs to protect special interests.
Believes in straight talk. Lies about Iraq. Uses deceitful practices; promises progressive programs, then underfunds them. Corrupts journalists for propaganda.
Believes in race, gender and ethnic equality. Walks away from International Treaty For Women. Conditions humanitarian aid on acceptance of his particular morality.
Believes in democracy for all people and among all nations. As the world's only superpower, believes in America First, Last and Always. Reserves the right to enforce those rules by war if necessary. Corrupts UN efforts to enhance peace and equality.

Does he think no one notices?


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