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Blog Entry by: Michael Buddha

True peace has to be for all, not just u.s. The narcissism and isolationist attitudes of u.s. (and many from north and south America)is a deterrent to world peace.

THE BUDDHA has the beginnings of Truth (finally available through/from the universe) at
The cult of christianity and george(hitler #2)bush need to be exposed for the frauds they truly are, before they cause WW3. And the lapdog u.s. "news" media also deserve severe punishment.

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From an Editor of RTP
We have perused the web site you referenced and have some questions:
1 What does your statement "Now that the beginnings of Truth are available, the first step of enlightenment, it is obvious that religion and money will not exist in the future." have to do with the purpose of Where is the logic underlying "obvious"?
2 We do not see the need for a medium of exchange ever going away. And religion will certainly stick around until something better comes along. It hasn't yet. Religion fills needs for too many people. What do you mean when you make the following statement? "THE BUDDHA was born in u.s. ..."
3 Do you mean Siddhartha Gautama, the historic Buddha when you write: "Being Buddhist isn't required to be Enlightened, as Siddhartha wasn't and will not be."?
4 Given the above and some inconsistencies, why should we allow people browsing our site to be directed your way? On this site, we recognize the importance of mythos. At the same time, the only real progress humanity has made through the centuries has come from the secular and logical side, logos in other words.
5 We share your lack of sympathy with the present administration. But what other connection do your comments make with our purpose, positive or negative? We are looking for avenues toward peace in ways that can be demonstrated factually. For example, Tokyo is multiples more peaceful than Washington DC. We would like to know all the reasons why. Once some ways toward peace become factually clear, people can follow them as they wish--some folks may be born amoral and violent, but they are handled well by local authorities. Others are more peaceful of mind, even nations. Differendes among these provide leads.
6 If Christianity is so violent, and we do see an association, then why is that so? Is that association something that can be fixed over generations?

We look forward to your reply.

Posted by RoadToPeace on Saturday, September 23, 2006 at 14:21:48

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