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What makes us think the way we do? Are we isolated? Is it because of our need for individualism? How does equality fit in with everyone marching to their own drum? Do we not know any better than what media selects for us, and the lack of true international news? Why do you think the way you do, and how does that compare to the person across the drink? Tell me how you think.


Thanks Stellarlunar
Good questions. Any answers?

Posted by RoadToPeace on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at 15:58:32

Views from RTP:
1 Our early experience derived from our nature and our early nurturing that America comes first, dominates our thought patterns,
2 We are isolated in our minds by other minds that have too narrow a focus, and
3 Individualism which also follows from our nature/nurture experience.
4 There is no such thing as real equality. What we can try for is equal opportunity. That would bring at least a level of fairness, if not equality, to all people.
5 Our marching to the same drum arises from or conventionalism and strong tendency toward obedience.
6 Most of us can only see as far as the next channel on TV. On the Internet, we can but we must have motivation and the courage to buck the American System as defined by Zimbardo and explained by Milgram. Most of us are not inclined toward research; we are too busy living from day-to-day, or are happy with our lots.
7 The folks "across the drink" are a varied lot. We are less worldly-wise than the Brits, and we are certainly no better than, if as good as, the rest of the Anglo-America empire. The rest of the world sees a range from a bit more to much less accurate information. There is propaganda almost everywhere, and it varies in accuracy and effect. It is difficult for biased people to detect propaganda, especially when it affirms what we already think. Conversely, if it goes against what we think, we tend to wipe it off as propaganda. We think bias exists everywhere except n us. If we seek it, there is a vast storehouse of factual data or opinion on almost any subject on the Web.

Bias is incredibly had to eliminate in one's-self, even when one wants to. It is usually impossible to reduce in others, much less eliminate.

Posted by RoadToPeace on Saturday, March 08, 2008 at 18:25:23

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