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Considering the noise out of the White House, one would think America is on the verge of being overrun by its enemies. That is not even a remote possibility.

The figures below illustrate the wide Gaps among the cultures now in conflict.

Global Military Spending

The Axis of Evil hardly appears on the radar screen. With a 57-fold multiple over "The Axis of Evil", the US has little to fear militarily.

The possibility of Nuclear Terror changes the formula considerably. The solution to terrorism lies in the psychology of Humiliation and Alienation.

This Administration is not aiming in that direction. These charts can knock the limbs off any tree and blast away any trunk--while leaving the roots unscathed. We see nothing in the Bush Doctrine or the Neocon Agenda that indicates otherwise; neither do they provide any insight into the root origins of why people resort to terrorism. They apply Band Aids where surgery and antibiotics are needed.


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