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16 Aug 2007

It was from the start, but something happened on the way to the store. Countering his own disclaimer, that Iraq is not about oil, Bush is now pressuring the Maliki government to adopt a law that will allow the US to control 115 billion barrels--the Iraqi reserves. Many Middle Easterners see through the scam.

This does not sit well with many inside and outside the Maliki government. For example, Dr. Shirin Ebadi and Professor Wangri Maathai along with four other Nobel peace prize winners issued the following statement.

In Opposition to the Iraq Oil Law

In support of the people of Iraq, we the undersigned Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, state our opposition to the Iraq Oil Law. We also oppose the decision of the United States government to require that the Iraq government pass the Oil Law as a condition of continued reconstruction aid in legislation passed on May 24, 2007.

A law with the potential to so radically transform the basic economic security of the people of Iraq should not be forced on Iraq while it is under occupation and in such a weak negotiating position vis--vis both the U.S. government and foreign oil corporations.

The Iraq Oil Law could benefit foreign oil companies at the expense of the Iraqi people, deny the Iraqi people economic security, create greater instability, and move the country further away from peace.

The U.S. government should leave the matter of how Iraq will address the future of its oil system to the Iraqi people to be dealt with at a time when they are free from occupation and more able to engage in truly democratic decision-making.

It is immoral and illegal to use war and invasion as mechanisms for robbing a people of their vital natural resources.

Signed by:
Betty Williams
Mairead Corrigan Maguire
Prof. Jody Williams
Dr. Shirin Ebadi
Prof. Wangari Maathai
Rigoberta Menchu Tum (signed in July 2007)

The original was posted on:

The Arabic version is available on

Bush adventures often result in irony, and this is no exception. The Laureates not only scold Bush, but lecture him on how democratic decision making should be between equals, but not when one is occupied by the other. Bravo for these brave women.

As it is, robbing Iraq of its petroleum birthright, will only breed humiliation, alienation and more terror.

To those of you who would listen to those claiming otherwise, consider:

Imagine how would you react if the Russians occupied Alaska and demanded that we pass a law giving them control of Prudhoe Bay?

The Iraqi response is quite tame in comparison with how we would respond.

And what does that say?

Ask the above questions. What does the other side have to say? Check their response against Tea Leaves: How to Read Politicians.


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