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Series updated 13 Nov 2010

Just as nature can create a wound, so also can nature heal it.
How nature heals violence, and why it hasn't are explored here.

This nature walk highlights where we originated, where we are, where we can go, and how we might get there. These pages are a snapshot of a work in progress. They do not pretend to be the end of the story; but they do provide hope that violence is a story with an end.

This series assembles the elements into a coherent whole. We look forward to your Making Yourselves Heard with critical commentary or posting pages of your own.

We have come to the point where the following are in view:
  • The most-basic roots of violence that lie within us.
  • Means for changing what we see in the mirror.
  • Reach out in dialogue and embrace as we celebrate our differences instead of fighting over them.

There are things we can do among the grass roots--the current map is only a start. No quick fix is apparent. A few avenues have been well paved by others; some already have traffic.

Link To: For Finding Pathways to peace

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