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Brief Overview

  • Throughout recorded history, violence has dominated the record, the "news" of the day for the scribes.
  • Fundamental change must come, for humanity can now obliterate itself.
  • Our big brains made us the supreme rulers of this biosphere. Our instincts, evolving over the eons, did not pace brain development in ways required by civilization.
  • Humanity needs only a look in a mirror, for the sources of violence are genetic. Nature / nurture is the most basic conflict in our day.
  • Yet there is Hope, for many societies have indeed achieved relative peace. Nurture can work if we let it by tempering our trait for aggressive dominance.

If we stop and think about it, our genes for fierceness and aggression are counterbalanced by genes for parenting, altruism and herding (Cooperation). Many peaceful societies have evolved to take advantage of our peaceful traits. How they do so is an important element for research.

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