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  • Sociopathology in a Nuclear Age is our gravest danger:
    • A Radical extremist with nuclear capability, could decide suicidal martyrdom is God's command.
    • A group of radical extremists could gain control of a nuclear--armed nation, democratic or otherwise, and try to replay WWII in the madness of Napoleon's last 100 days.
  • Continued population growth now pressures nature's ability to provide food in many areas.
    • Safety margins against disasters require limited population levels.

If all humanity can see is blood, if all it can do is seek revenge, a never-ending cycle of violence will continue as a plague. Triumph, history tells us, is always temporary. What have expediency and band-aids wrought?

If all humanity can do is fight over resources, war will be inevitable..

Alternatives to war are absolutely necessary.

Apocalypse--Last Nuclear Expression?

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