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Some Observations on Extreme Authoritarianism in Individuals

  • Authoritarian Personalities permeate all societies.
  • Fundamentalists in any endeavor are Authoritarian personalities. The most extreme are Sociopathic. Dictators--even a democratic president--can be Sociopathic, Psychopathic according to Justin Frank M.D..

Yes, even in a democracy, a Sociopath can be so engaging on the political stump that Mother Theresa herself would vote for him..

How can a democracy protect itself from sociopaths? It begins with raising our children to be peaceful.
  • Unconditional love for our children at all ages.
  • Include extended family in the child raising.
  • Life-long education from about the age of 30 months.
  • Set examples of dialogue, tolerance, and respect.
  • Rear for balanced internal and external loci of control.
  • Reward creativity, special talents, initiative.
  • Encourage independent, logical thinking.
  • Learn to read the Tea Leaves and vote for reality-based candidates.
  • Encourage a period of public service before pursuing career path or advanced education.

Behaviors reflecting lack of conscience are a hallmark of sociopathy. Watch for them, and provide them with positive experiences in conscience building while still children. Bruce Perry, makes a strong case that childhood trauma and/or neglect usually leads to deviant, even criminal behavior. In other words, nurture is all important.
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