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Stanley Milgram - Social Psychologist

Yale University, Harvard, City University of New York.
Wrote: “Obedience to Authority”

Updated 09 Sept 2013

Adorno's characterization of Germans was all well and good. But Americans rationalized: "We are different; we won WW II!" Milgram proved otherwise by powerful, scientifically-well-designed, experiments.

  • Milgram found: Authoritarianism is prevalent among Americans—65-85% of us are Authoritarians.
  • Milgram identified eight Authoritarian behaviors that are compatible with Adorno’s six.
  • Adorno and Milgram both captured the genetic trait for aggression in Homo sapiens.

Few Americans were/are aware of the depth of these critical studies. The next few pages expand on Milgram's findings.

From Wikipedia: "Most likely because of his controversial Milgram Experiment, Milgram was denied tenure at Harvard..." This was/is a societal problem. As a society, America was/is in denial.

Our denials: "We are not like Germans, and certainly not like Hitler." Our national denial was massive; we on this site were part of it--naive, innocent. Violence is our history; it is time we came of age.

"We are not violent because we have guns.
We have guns because we are violent."

- Kris Rosenberg.

Links to Authoritarianism, and Milgram Confirmed. (recent reviews of Milgram's original notes reveal some questionable omissions, but his work is now twice confirmed. We are comfortable with his primary conclusions. They are, moreover, consilient with the works of Zimbardo and Altemeyer.

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