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Neocon Manifesto: Continued

Updated 09 Sept 2013

  • Promote democratic consolidation among the republics of the former USSR.
  • In Middle East, foster stability; safeguard US access to airways, seaways, and oil.

Cooperative relationships are on the mark. This Neocon Manifesto is at least forthright, but in practice, it works out as a corrupt, exclusionary, economic empire. Individual Authoritarians in control project their individualities onto the nation at large--to the detriment of the rest of the world. Peace is ill served as Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other misadventures should be teaching us.

Is this manifesto so beguiling that it captures the hearts and minds of the bright men elected to the world's highest office so that their promise of change morphs into more of the same?

To be sure Obama has made important changes, but on the issue of this manifesto, it is hard to notice.

Is anyone on the street listening?

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