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John Dean – Public Servant

In addressing the trend in Republican politics since Nixon, Dean writes:

"Much of what I have to report is bad news. But there is some good news, because while authoritarians have little self-awareness, a few of them, when they learn the nature of their behavior, seek to change their ways. Thus by reporting the bad and the ugly, it may do some good. At least that is my hope."

John Dean describes himself as a Goldwater Republican, now a very rare breed. Before he passed on, Goldwater himself could not understand what had gotten into the Neocons. Dean couldn't either--until he read The Authoritarian Specter by Bob Altemeyer! Then it all fell into place for him. It is most gratifying to know that there are still honest and insightful Republicans of the old school out there. By old school, we mean the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Conservative both were, but each had a conscience. Each had social insight. While neither was perfect, each left many positive legacies.

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