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John Dean – Public Servant

Updated 09 Sept 2013

  • In his “Conservatives Without Conscience,” Dean is talking about the Neoconservatives or Neocons.
  • They are Authoritarian to the core.
  • Without conscience defines the Sociopath.

Dean may have been wiser here than he knew! Without using the word, Dean brings in the sociopathic personality. Dean was right to imply that conscience (or lack of it) is a key word in modern-American politics. Sociopath and psychopath are synonymous in psychology parlance; they describe people who have no conscience, none. Look at our recent political history:

Was there any conscience in the Bush Administration?

Bush moved a lot of Americans with his empty slogan:
"Compassionate Conservatism." It was propaganda of the worst kind. Bush's abandoning flooded New Orleans after hurricane Katrina is direct proof. He bragged that he never loses any sleep at night! For more on that see: Bush on The Couch, by Justin Frank, MD. Frank interviewed family members before pronouncing Bush to be psychopathic. All the signs were there early on. His conclusions fit Bush's public record to a tee.

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