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Neocon Manifesto: [Continued]

Updated 6 Sept 12

  • Deter attack from whatever source;
  • Strengthen alliances;
  • Preclude others from interfering in areas of American Interests. [interests, even if soil, read that as Imperial Economic-Interests]
  • Shape the future through cooperative relationships.
  • Maximize value of ad hoc [military] coalitions.
  • While the US cannot police the world, it must never depend solely on international mechanisms. [In other words: pre-emptive war is OK. But look where the Neocon philosophy led us in Iraq, in full view of the unlearned lesson of Vietnam!]

The first two items are givens for survival of any nation. The rest is a blueprint for conquest and control that is still operating. These points reflect the Authoritarian Personality in action on the international scale. In a sense, the Neocons merely codified policies implemented after WWII largely in response to the Cold War. It was never about freedom; It was all about commercial imperialism as Eisenhower so ably underscored in his farewell address. It still is.

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