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Things We Can Do As Individuals / Groups

How can we preventing extremism from corrupting governance at all levels from school boards to national office? Can we:

  • Reach out to our neighbors and fellow world citizens?
  • Raise emotionally-healthy children. Avoid neglecting or traumatizing them at any time.
  • Educate ourselves:
    • Understand the human genome, which gives rise to anti-social instincts, such as aggression and dominance on the one hand and altruism and parenting in counterpoint.
    • Educate for creativity, insight, and social awareness and how these play out in citizenship.
  • Train ourselves in recognizing extremism practiced by authoritarians and more especially by sociopaths; this is discussed in the next page.
  • Prepare ourselves by mastering Dialogue, and use it to reach and teach others?
  • Train ourselves in Conflict Resolution?
  • Reduce our “Blind Obedience” by nurturing our children toward a balance between Internal and External Loci of Control?
  • Know our representatives in government so we can avoid having those we elect turn on us?
  • Turn out and vote for candidates who have centrist or independent voting records, with balanced External and Internal Loci of Control? What better way is there do avoid the stasis-in-conflict that infects our present government?
  • Become politically active; run for office; write letters to our congressmen and the media; join discussion groups, and peace blogs?

Good citizenship demands no less.

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