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Stout Continued: What We Need to Know
Updated 6 Sept 12

  • Some 4% of all of us are sociopathic according to Martha Stout. Multiples more of us have hang-ups.
    • Sociopaths with connections, money, ambition, and charisma can co-opt nations as Napoleon, Hitler, and a later “unitary president” have shown.
  • Sociopaths are often charismatic, beguiling, smart, and attractive.
    • Some are molesters, rapists or serial killers. All are manipulators in going after what they want. A high fraction of our prison population is sociopathic.
    • Obedience from others feed their needs for control and winning. They can feel sorry for themselves, but empathy? None. Some even use their very sorriness to manipulate others.

If we have a single, most important need, it is to recognize and deal with the sociopaths, for they can wreak the world. As good Authoritarians, in our blind obedience, we may follow them over a precipice of nuclear fireballs. In the meantime, populations exploding on limited turf will drive famine, pestilence, war, and genocide--as it always has and is today.

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