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Martha Stoutís Frank Assessment
Updated 6 Sept 12; 09 Sept 2013
21 Oct 2014

"Short of a sociopathic leader who diverts the course of an entire nation, leading it into genocide or unnecessary war, the psychopathic killer is surely the most terrifying example of a psyche without a conscience..."

Stoutís worst fear are real, but we may have been lucky--in 2008. John Dean recognized this exact danger.

While one may question our position here, we know of no medical diagnosis of sociopathology in anyone in the Bush Administration. At the same time, if his administration acted like one, what is the difference? Walking along the sea shore if we find something that looks like a clam, acts like a clam and tastes like a clam, well maybe it is a clam. Psychopathy, as exemplified by the Bush Administration is our working hypothesis. It is not the only such example, just a most prominent and current one. See: Justin Frank, for more on our inspiration.

It is remarkable how a range of investigators have produced evidence and commentary that is not only self-consistent but predictive of just what we see in the political world today. Such prediction is a well-known feature of science, and here we see it in a social ("soft") science. It is true that the precise quantification of physics is lacking. But it is also true that, considering the consilience of the various lines of research reported on this site, Altemeyer's work has raised the level of credibility into what is otherwise the stratosphere. It's very consilience affirms it's very correctness. For more on how the various lines fit together, see: Adorno, Milgram, Zimbardo, Stout, Hare, Frank, Wilson, Dugatkin, and Altemeyer. Consilient behavior (genetic traits) is observed across both scientific disciplines and species.

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