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Recognizing the Sociopath

  • Imagine meeting a hot-shot, funny and engaging with a stage presence that has no bounds—the life of the party.
  • What more could anyone ask?
  • We would likely vote for this person; who would not? S/he is most likable, and memorable. S/he even might have made us feel good about ourselves, we might even love them.

Everyone else is voting for this guy, so we, as good, conventional, authoritarians will do likewise. Is there a trap here? See next page.

Only a fraction of all people are incorruptible,
but only they are truly fit to govern.

Watch for cruelty toward others or animals--this is a very serious

for sociopathy in people of any age.

For more detail on this critical issue see: Interview with Martha Stout.

Links to: Sociopathology & Authoritarianism

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