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Hidden Behavior

Updated 09 Sept 2013

The trap: Sociopaths like to do their dirty work in the dark. This is akin to snares set by the Far-North trappers. We don't see it--too late, we feel it. Opaque governance is perhaps an ultimate manifestation. Talk about America! But we are not alone, far form it.

  • From previous page: What if, in more private environments, our hot shot:
    • irritates, scares or antagonizes others;
    • never takes responsibility;
    • is manipulative, demanding and
    • always puts his/her self-interest first with no concern whatever for others—or the consequences?
  • This composite is sociopathic.

How can we recognize these people?

  • Practice “reading” people; look for incongruous behavior
  • Do our homework on their public record and background
  • *** Get To Know Them Well ***
  • If they are children, look for extreme negative behaviors--especially cruelty to animals and other children. These are the hallmarks of a future sociopath.

The most dangerous sociopaths are those that are most sociable. Just as a serial killer can entice a victim, so a sociopath can entice a family, movement, corporation, religion, nation. Current history is living proof. The sociopath usually goes undetected until the wrecking has been done.

For more detail on this critical issue see: Interview with Martha Stout.

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