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Origin: It is All In Our Genetic Makeup

Genes for Intelligence: Intelligence in the genome of Homo sapiens evolved in the jungle and savanna, and, aided by certain emotional genes, became dominant in the biosphere.
Updated 6 Sept 12

Succeeding in the survival of the fittest were genes for:

  • Dominance: (Fierceness & Aggression: Fighting Other Species & Homo; Personal & Group Survival.)
  • Hierarchy: ( Enables Turf war; Homo vs. Homo; Personal and Group Survival.)
  • Cooperation and Conventionalism: (Herding instinct Within genus Enables Survival by sheer numbers.)
  • Altruism and Nurturing: (Extends Parenting Umbrella; Improves Individual & Group Survival Thereby.)
  • Parenting: (Enables All Others, for Better or Worse.) See Freud And Peace and Five Pillars for codification and discussion.

This is Nature, wild, uncivilized.

But with potential for better.

How can we "civilize" a wildness we are born with?

This is discussed further below--there is no magic wand. It will take time and dedication.

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