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Tools Built In By Nature For Peace
Updated 6 Sept 12

  • Mothering and altruistic instincts developed early in natural history—evident in dinosaur fossils.
  • Reinforced by cooperating herding genes, they offset blind and obedient genes for fierce and dominant behaviors.
  • Altruism is a common trait among species in our genera. Individuals help next of kin, friends, even strangers.
  • Herding and cooperation are common life-preserving behaviors throughout the animal kingdom.
  • With intelligence, parenting, altruism, and herding instincts, nature provided a tool kit for opposing violence. These instincts made civilization possible in the first place, even if violent. That tool kit today is more popularly known, when thoughtfully applied, as Nurture. Basically all we have to do is follow our own good instincts as we defend against the not-so-good ones.

Our primary goal must be to recognize and control the sociopaths [also known as psychopaths or narcissistic personalities] among us.

Let’s see how Nature vs. Nurture issue works out in individuals and societies.

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