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Updated 09 Sept 2013

Scientific study of four pairs of Indian cities, each pair balanced ethnically and population-wise, showed:

Integration in all sectors of society is an effective way to reduce ethnic conflict. A great deal of the current unrest on earth is driven by ethnic and/or religious differences.

Consilience-motivated research reveals that instincts are genetic expressions toward violence--aggression, dominance and obedience on the one hand and, parenting, altruism, and herding (cooperative) instincts on the other made Homo fit for survival in jungles and savannas. In this way a dichotomy in nature was born. It is still with us, but a dichotomy in instincts is not well suited as a foundation for peace for all human kind on earth.

How Does Nurture Select Peace Instead of Violence?

Integration is a logical peaceful means to evolving logical minds, products of the genes for intelligence in its various forms. Gene-driven instincts for parenting, compassion, and herding with their own kind were always there and opened the door for intelligence to limit our inborn tendencies toward violence. Obedience and herding instincts played survival roles on both sides of the genetic divide between violence and peace.

What remains barrier-wise?

Dogma, tradition and closed minds that have not kept up with the times. For one example, see Monotheism and Violence a social feature basically driven by sociopathic (extreme Authoritarian) personalities in all monotheistic societies.

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