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Nature handles overpopulation by famine, pestilence and war
Updated 6 Sept 12

This is merely another way in which humanity has not risen above the animal world.

  • Myths arose in prehistory to ease the mind.
  • Once useful, some dogmas are now threatening: “Go forth and multiply” is one of them.
  • Dogma proscribing active birth control aggravates conflicts over resources.
  • The allegory of the wine barrel is an apt metaphor for human destiny.
    • Microbes consume all the sugar only to die in their own effluent.

The biosphere is not so vast this could not happen to humanity.
Humanity has already started a global heat wave that has no end in sight. There is enough energy to go around for a billion years or so IF:

  • Hydro, tidal, geothermal, and wind power are used judiciously.
  • The natural carbon cycle is brought back into balance.
  • Solar energy is effectively converted directly into electricity.
  • Breeder reactors can be made safe along with their reaction products.
  • Fusion power can be made to work.

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