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Common Themes in Violence & War.
Updated 6 Sept 12

  • Sociopathic, psychopathic, or narcissistic leaders exploit Authoritarian tendencies in the genes of most of us to establish despotic Systems that motivate, create, and condone violence through humiliation and alienation.
  • Organized violence, terror, war, and genocide arise when:
    • Sociopaths hijack Authoritarian systems or entire governments.
    • Authoritarian citizens in their blind obedience simply go along with the system, whether good, as in medicine, relatively benign as in wholesome entertainment, or evil as in portions of today's politics, industry, or religion with potential for terrorism and war. It has always been so.
    • The system becomes a trap where the people on top set the rules of engagement such that only they can win.

Link to: Authoritarian Personality in Terrorism

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