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Start Thinking About It; Become Active.

  • Make ourselves heard
    • Use Dialogue in the manner of Socrates. Join peace groups & post on social media. Remain anonymous only if necessary.
    • Join one or more blogs dealing with politics and what ails the world.
  • Participate in politics on neighborhood level.
  • Participate in student exchange programs.
  • Learn another language or two.

There is no such thing as over-kill when looking for peace

Adding to the previous, citizens can:
  • gather together to arrest known terrorists in their midst.
  • devise means to prevent extremism.
  • prevent sociopths from entering the halls of power
  • insist on equality for all and an end to humiliation and alienation.
  • limit family size to zero-out population growth with a world population comfortably less than the sustainable maximum to allow for natural disasters in accord with Natural History.
  • above all, band together to give each child an internal Locus of Control that is in balance with the external one put on by society.

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