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Updated 6 Sept 12; 09 Sept 2013

As Individuals

We Can:

  • Learn to read the Tea Leaves when politicians speak.
    • Do they do as they personally say and say as they do?
    • Do we hear logic or platitudes, however nice to hear, but without a shred of how they expect to accomplish their goal(s) in a world ever more complex and changing?
    • Do they answer direct questions or do they divert into their own agendas?
    • If they don't know the answer, do they promise to get it and do, or do they bluff or bluster?
    • Should we not believe off-hand remarks—they reveal the real, unguarded person?
  • Research the characters of politicians running for office.
  • Set examples of moderation.
  • Be life-long learners, for peace will be elusive for as long as a sociopath can rule. We must be vigilant!

The last bullet is perhaps the most important.

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