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In 1995 The Internet Multimedia announced THE WORLD HAS CHANGED!



The Globalization Revolution.

Globalisation is today the only World Economy. A Highly endored and dictation from THE MIGNION PALACE. THE UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION and preached by THE WORLD BANK. GLOBALISATION IS A CONTEMPORARY CHANGE OF MINISTRY WORLDWIDE.

With all the scientific Technological improvement and modernization, our world today, is faced with a very big chaotic anarchy almost every nation is somehow or the other involved in military fighting, which means primary failure of diplomacy. Under such conditions I don't really advise discussing affairs instead a 'Contemporary Change of Ministry Worldwide.'

The English Constitution...

There is on error to the English Constitution which crops up periodically. Circumstances which often, though irregularly, occur naturally suggest that error, and as surely as they happen it revives. The relationship of Democracy, and especially of the political parties, to bureaucratic governments is specific peculiarity of our constitution, and an event which frequently happens much puzzles some people as to it.

The event is change of ministry. All our administrators go together. The whole executive government changes - at least, all the Heads of it change in a body, and a every such change some speculators are sure to exclaim this habit is foolish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say! 'No doubt Lord Russel and Mr Gladstone may have been wrong about Reform; no doubt Mr Gladstone may have been cross in The House of Commons, but why should either or both of these events change all the heads of all our practical departments?

The Reigning Ideologies.

The Reign of Southern Hemisphere, after WWII ,was controlled by secularism although the majority of English world respected it and least knew or pondered into the real meaning.

Secularists are actually people whose soul has not developed, and who are still immature for urban life. Secularists are unfit for Olympics. Secularists are no more than second generation literate.

The Reign of The Northern Hemisphere was controlled by Paris Zionists Jewish Agenda which alloted itself the license to create a country in the Middle East where the European Jews would store their ingot separately.

Apart from this division another political economical division was going to control the lives of the humans and those were USA and USSR which supported the Zionists and Secularists respectively.

Within few years Coup de tats disturbed Democracy almost everywhere and one by one a special interest established Regime Rule all over the World. The Regime rule is now in its third generation and most nincompoop children of rulers are planning to boom their children for rule.

Something has Changed...

A new philosophy has taken the world by storm,and is the only solution towards honest institution building especially where nations have all the way been erased by constant civil wars and economic plundering...

The entire administration must tender resignation of being uninteresting to affairs and publics and one man being interesting and maturer.

That after Europe having felt nothing sane but waste of time from US use of force has succumbed to let Bush use use force [Jaffer] and EU President with all his Banks and a lower sky built to capacitate a train illegitimate regime governments uptil illegal permissibility to aid Zionists and Satanists who cannot produce Sadiq [Integral].

In UK like say Her Majesty s government having given very serious and grave consideration to this most important affair of globalization are not prepared to say that in so complicated a current affair and corruption involvement of political leaders the world has been perfectly exempt from error.

I have however not discussed my position as a British King knowing that Elizabeth is also a British monarch and Queen of England.

There is always the element of fear of Accountability and The Bureaucracies dread being fired.

There are formidable arguments, but this I may add be said in reply to,or mitigation to the affair. The Militarily occupied leadership will show that this Change of Ministry was essential to a democratic and parliamentary world:-- like something like this will happen to all the elected Governments and worser happens to presidential governments:- that it is not necessarily prejudicial to a good administration;- that most of World Affairs serving war nation to nation or separatists to nation etc.

The Third World for instance has become so dependent that Governments or say The Ruling Families have completely sold away populations to scavengers and killing for a bed in Europe.

That the evils of English Government and defense of Terrorism and Corruption related leadership being housed in London for merely a Arab Sheiks referral are not the results of House of Commons debate.

In a Free World like USA there has been no parallel or equivocal parlay on most International Affairs and a series of photo-sessions is management in all when a Third World dignitary visits

The Glamour Media and Language confusions after Moscow and Washington switched off red lights and Environmental Industrial and Information Technology Revolutions Internet Conversation and Satellite Technology dazzled economists enough to tip The US Sponsored World Economy off balance and they World kept slipping apart after a unification.

Below the media ratings that actually the newspapers have appointed colonels /columns in form of a former small employ with political background to inner-wiew affairs privately. However a big world that reads newspapers and makes decisions also has another nightmare playing. Like the story at Senior Govt becomes a violent tale like Mirza Jat a hero who takes off with his lover and is killed by her four persuing brothers. Mirza complains to his Saiba as he lays bleeding about her replacing his bows and arrows that you could assume is a act of nationalism. At the lower level the things move easier and life is slower so tales like Liala Majnu is playing. Laila Majnu is like a continuing saga of a vain love story where Majnu has fallen in love with a Princess but she is in black like first Ladies of a failure President in The Adventurers or Family of ousted Henry in Chinese Emperor. These women have been ostracized because of some deficiency in President or Prime Ministers and cannot intervene as big gamers walking or wern't tutored before the President a first or second generation hero will face a stable centuries old world.

This world of lower government has recently no realexample except in older British Colonies where the barrier of bonne health and his servant is two. Although still the servants were trained enough for Olympics and after Republics and Nations were announced they got ample chance to compete together yet a treasonous conspiracy against The Bonne engulfed the servants and they enlisted into a Regime and seated higher as their counterpart behind in lower government kept on playing The Beethoven. Gijjuvan [Bijou] is a small village in the one domain kingdom of the Shah of Gardez that his Government around him developed technically so the bloodline investment does not fail. Beethoven was a ugly looking great musician who performed in many great courts of Europe. At his fifth the lowers show themselves as attacking perhaps. The story written explains the Nazi rise and fall in fashion of vain life to be complexed into fighting the whole world to prove that his ugliness needed this compliment. But those at lower govt are also watching the movement and bring in another vain factor 'the Christian Church who followers health betrayed them and while the servants of Americans children kept themselves aloof and enlist with Servant Regime and enjoy better health with American or Muslim names and the ones who struggle to take European diet become thin ugly with knocking knees this goes for all.

You must note that today nobody knows a office like Secretary of India but most Indian African Leaders have a very dangerous prime investment into London Plans and it sometimes takes London a headache to remove one. at the beginning of Iraq War Saddam was called 'son' by Jane Magazine a famous US Defense Magazine and eloquently the accuser another Journalist from US in a Fox TV sitcom blamed Jane. But how did he acquire this post; what pyramid did he build? As a defect mediocre Intelligence Major hiding in Mediterranean claiming to end his predecessor but after Saddam took the rule he created the biggest fuss of cruelty everywhere. He first indulged into Shia Sunni killings, now this act was starting everywhere then too. In the process he attacked Iran then Kuwait and missiled Tel A viv and Saudi Arabia then started threatening Turkey!

Is that a Zionist Pillar he was creating while he was seated on yonder side of money? Was he requesting concessions for his sons to trot globe like Emirate Princes?

Out of the same history and the same results proceed our tolerance of those 'local authorities' which so puzzle many foreigners.

But suddenly the long decades of repeating the same number really can make a full theater seem boring. In case like New York Millionaire Vanderbilt who would buy performers for his party like himself dress as a King and find notable Royalty dressed in regalia and pomp drinking and dancing around him.

To really spread the Big World at a Regime Master's feet the Christian and Small Officials' Beethovan started collaborating under the oath-like slogan 'for we stay below.' However they enlisted a third power into their four Seater a new kind of life form a race of jungle people who outlawed and succeeded into joining Pakistani's somewhere between the suburban and jungle borders. Like a new class of Millionaires who will shop live and talk as the master will say except just enjoy brochures and travel and sports a kind of prosperous vote under strict code of silence or animal like harmony to say better.

But suddenly the affairs on top tables did not become manageable after the World was turned into a ring for Leaders hand picked aide internationally to serve former Regimes Plans. Yes! Another village next to Gijjuvan is Sear. 'Sear is a definite measure and equivilant to two pounds after Sear the British Measure isn't a pocket noun!Stone? lol! The three wern't equals by any means to wantonly try to run a Car after enlisting a Godfather [Bhutto, Suharto, Nasser, Pahlavi, Nixon, Etc.] whose family in fact still wont drink even after purchasing castles at Waterfront. A Whiteman Gora Sahib! this is tough quest for then why will a Gora Sahib serve Gijjuvan?

The three classes one however are lower grade officials in the country and other two all have common community behavior and have created official bureaucracies at lower grade where they all enjoy 3k economic repute a kind of Japanese term for a family with a home a 800 cc automobile and PC Internet with mobile phone too. The more 'Golden Handshakes' the unions want from Privateers and Regimes ride them into this large class. They commonly share the pleasures and evils of the class because there a lot big population now! However sadly secular and secularizing slowly!

And as they struggle to enlist more poverty into their communities the count of population development is all the more out of control. The bureaucracies really thrive for aid and money in name of poverty and as they run a western govt and serve secular regimes they really don't bother themselves anywhere and nor does the third world become a dilemma for them as their children can be schooled in Europe and afford travel! Nor do many really understand bureaucracies until you have experienced these new classes that will however never attempt to revolt politically and in all orderly way support the regime govt.

However the Christians claim to be European American contacts while no religious order except incase of a political dictation from Church or the senior Class that control the new Education and Social NGOs tumbled on them from UK and Germany however this is axis to the advent of Dictatorship of Masses because of Spin Doctors [Dr Chakram]. However since these three classes make the full lower strata of public life there is not a foot to hold on ground because they are fascists and cruel when the victim is weaker and complainant or sorry when he goes and stands higher free. But their is a error that although somewhere amongst the Columns of Intelligence they all become wheels of one automobile to create a perfect anti-communication or scene like a old western town where no one talks to a stranger until he is interviewed or connects within their paradise of joys with their terms.

But they are all socially unequal at certain length and failures at all lengths because they gave too much liberty away for primary needs that however you are supposed to earn from scratch and live in means instead of joining a order for a freebie but were you forced to it? Plus a reminder lives in them of a hour they begged or lied for food! Were you starving? Are your little ones teasing you for it now too? Now so many people mention bureaucracies and few understand them except for surety that they are government officials but closely looking. Their are always different bureaucracies that have acquired the power by their habits and literature to say 'school of thought.'

Bureaucracies have from long established themselves on issues ,they are like the present class of Isreali Agents when it comes to administration. They have all the names of producers and travel agents real estate agents contractors rest houses similarly even comfortable bootleggers and pimps on their fingertips the agility to carry forward a command comfortably is their game and holding their lifestyle up in high esteem philosophically as they sheer the new ministers or foriegn delegates.

Earlier amongst English their was a leaning towards Bureaucracies at this moment their is a seizure of partiality to it. The English people do not easily change their rooted notions, but have unrooted notions. Doctors or Engineers seem to be a perfect match for a daughter otherwise a Father will really suspect that she married someone without a insurance of a prosperous full life,or likewise.

But the continuous revolutionizing and attainment of modern science has changed things even more. The advent of Television Communications brought a National Dialogue to a point where The Information Technology Revolution has started a Internet Conference which's efficiency is matchless.

The evident trivia in a continuous Regimes in Indonesia Pakistan Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria Algeria and everywhere in fact because the knowledge about a UN Security Council Veto is necessary here. After the Yalta Agreement a post WWII Britain handed over its great empire to USA and USSR without the notion to really share the bed time tales.

But Britain also maintained its dear closeness that many quite rich Asian Africans never discovered. So how was that large Europeanized class in commonwealth countries established when with all the Millions of Corruption dollar the regimes couldn't establish one child. I don't have doubts about how serious Saddam Hussein conspiracy to divide Iraq into six emirates and enjoy the power.

But looking at the enormity of the affairs the advantage of Modern Communications and Electronic Media it becomes possible to believe. but one point must be noted that once a Nation will fall it will never stand up again. The story of Nations and Republics is very young and like Afghanistan where there are no claimants to population and the real royalty or owners to say better in words, wont accept any. The only class of traders that lives there itself has tried its power and popularity to succeed.

One of the primary tasks of a new nation is to join tables of Senior partnerships otherwise a relationship like between Iran and USA has a small issue although quite humorous :both countries don't have a full vision of each other and are reading both under modern pressure since their old relationship broke up. Both intensely need each other although Germany and Japan can make everything that is available in USA and Russia and China can sit through the isolation torture due to unavailable parallelism of protocol between the vast desert of cultural diversity . Iran wants USA for a Vote merely and USA wants Iran to join its Economy. In fact without globalization there won't be a world economy but then USA still wants Iran to join its economy. Iran cannot suggest its status with USA and USA cannot control its press from counting it in like Pakistan or Bangladesh.


Globalisation is a giant tasker because the super corporations go to work. After the reunification of Germany and End of US USSR Cold Wars very little historians really concentrated on the so many Countries that came out free and so many movements that completed like freedom of press and Global equality etc. Instead so many treasons walked in. And more rifts amongst Regimes and Western Nations increased that around 1995 The Commonwealth had been re-colonized by Western Companies who are running business with Credit Unions. Credit Union is a take in overseas banking for larger accounts and remittances from the World Bank, and the IMF that most Countries do not have executives to manage them. But hand driven take is real corruption e.g the credit unions create smaller offshore banks that can be called briefcase banks, now this banker reaches a senior politician who supposedly tells his public "we are attempting better foreign business" and contracts Consultants to help him read out a World Bank or IMF dictation and make it prosperous for him and so the briefcase banker does both and takes a cheque from the politician and all his bags of illicit dollars and returns with cash and deposit notes and also a bill showing that he has to pay with interest a loan that he requested formerly in certain field of work and surpasses the politician and pressurizes the bureaucrats with entire nations loan of billions of dollars for a few hundred thousand dollar false payment, and in case they talk back or delay complying he could threaten to red-pencil scar them too.

The super Corporations are not like that at all. They come in with self subsisting business containing modren employment and world level show-case marketing.

The present day confusions arising from the press have an end too. although it may look that the media has so much power is true and such low craft is presented so high that the present human metabolism fails to help itself out from the so many treasons and conspiracies around us and continuing regimes that cancel rare or handsome approach.

In USA the politicians make the youths feel very proud and more towards other countries for lending money and helping the poverty.

District of Columbia accordingly is not indebted to publics that are still being nursed by the church in their own countries. Although the US Constitution allocates its territory and wealth for oppressed hungry unwanted races but the inclusion of seculars into its economy is merely like Stacking another's Joan of Arc.

Todays Media's concentration can actually bulge any ego a Retired General or a ambassador can become quick victims of changing their hairstyles and suits and even becoming professors of the issue under worldwide discussion. The Media has the specter and would you believe why its not competed.Did we never have good students and Great leaders who in principle could be hailed or decorated in both ocean apart communities which ever fall beneath a similar concession from Media because Media is a godfather to so many celebrities and its hush can go far too.

Pakistan and India that had fought wars over a conventional issue of Divided Kashmir after the Yalta agreement and Kashmir Trade being a miraculous Zenith in Industry made a similar Pact in a Indian Mountain Resort where Indira Gandhi and ZA Bhutto a Secularist Pakistani Ruler who was raised in India by foster parental and came back to Pakistan with degrees from Harvard and Oxford and references like JK Galbraith and Henry Kissinger to Join Gen Sikander Mirzas gov't met Indira Gandhi in 70s as a Ruler and they both signed some agreement slightly intelligent than prevailing conversations. Mr Bhutto also compiled a '73 Constitution whose lawyers still sit laughing at a public that cannot tell 'republic' from democracy and a Islamic World that created material from inside itself for complete self destruction to enhance a Secular World. when we look around Religion and Money are only causes listed against civil wars and US or NATO invasions.

Gen Sikander Mirza who belonged to a very high bred class family of diplomats whose favours the pahalvis dreamed of buying . Eskander as he spelled his name retired in Hotel D Savoy London that is frequented by Members of British Monarchy and European High Elite as a General Manager but the Indians Pakistanis and Americans are tearing themselves to reach its etiquette and press. In 1983 perhaps London's Seville Row saluted this tradition off by showing Charles, John Travolta, and Imran Niazi a Pakistani Cricketer turned Politician in a French Suit the kind of silken stuff comparable to palace interiors and was shown worn by a sick House of Lords member and then has been frequented in Pakistan by businessmen and bureaucrats commonly. Although Indira Gandhi announced her corruption for Coats and nonchalantly seated herself on a sofa with a raincoat but Mr Bhutto really sold his mother for shopping high up in Europe. His daughter now in exile has no notable dresses and seems she must have found it difficult to accept herself as or under a US African American Black bureaucrat according to the Simila Accord however with the announcement of SAARC both the countries are run by Secular Code something that could be worlds fate because by 1900 only The Ion or Color Hues were left to study before the a great spartan dialogue from foundation families began.

The English Constitution is easy to read and difficult to write. The constitution lives amongst us and guaranteed it is written to privilege a few over another. Consider a country like Pakistan that has more than four written constitutions. The last '73 Constitution www.shahzadasher5; becomes a tale of Mr Bhuttos shopping trips where London portrayed its best to Asian Leaders and Harry Belafonte could jump flights and pick up that kind of stuff to amuse Hollywood.

Apart from Secularism the world also inherited another issue lets call it challenge. but did the media accept Jews?no? no where the target majority of anti secularists could be! Did the Americans accept secularism? Yes because they were told these are harmless philosophies! Did someone tell Americans secularists were the people? What do you mean all the New York Culturists are Secularists and that really this is a blindfold error because the long rule of secularists has been a very cruel history of modren times.

The Communists will not allow you to believe in Allah or Bible because they didn't but tell you the book will lead you to Paradise luxury and still you are dirty peasants wishing a space to kindle pigs for a meal so and waste time because you are to work harder create industry and make home before returning to that glorious past which broke because of wars of successions and many populations were left unclaimed after their war lords were killed.

Here let me end your confusion between knowledge and education.

Knowledge is life long or few worth experience with pitfalls but is accumulated by a bureau which is smarter by all means but will try to serve education as when they enlist their boy or dread, as education is present day training into speed and growth of a department. Islam since Alamgir is on a knowledge role and as the society has been declining and the homes marginalizing themselves towards English Constitution although Pakistan created to hold free a population of Muslim homes and supporters from Secularism but a day like in the prison cell of Ilmdin arrested for chivalrously pompting execution of Hindu writer for blaspheming against Holy Prophet Muhammad and Mr Jinnah getting refused by Ilmdin to support his trial as the city of Lahore vacantly prayed all nights until the death sentence is carried out and Ilmdin joins a great white light from Mount Arafat.

the matter of belief is knowledge and well writ in the thousand and more years and apartly families carrying soals of equal age.

The concession opf English Constitution in a Idealogical state like Pakistan is merely for Europeanised Families that are either knocked free from Politics or remain amongst Chritian Conservative Right Families or Royalty where soals will not purport purposely with Secularists from India or South Africa.

The incursion of Saudi and UAE Arabs in Middle East politics effected as a hair-raising suspense into morality and criterion of holding wealth on affairs. As the 1983 moves between Moscow and Washington began these Emirs had already booked Washington full-price, full-service on their political affairs and only in seven days of spinning money around convincingly flew US Soldiers to face Iraqi military Dictator out from a occupied Kuwait City and enjoyed the resistance fight on Betamax and direct satellite television. Riyadh exhibited the Patriot incoming missile destroyers at same time with Tel Aviv. The Patriots show their performance on Public Television directly too.

As Mrs Thatcher and President Mitterand wrestled to include themselves into Moscow Washington trivial political economic chitter-chatter summits and whoa'ed at Salt Nalt Halt continuously as leaders changed suits and first ladies exasperated and diplomatic corps by new splendor exchanged over the back to back societies since ww2 that ended with a great reunification ceremony of a jubilant youth watching promising results of Woodstock Resolutions as they tore the wall, and, The Wall sang Pink Floyd offbeat.


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