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Extended Book Review.

Bruce D. Perry, MD & PhD, Maia Szalavitz, Journalist specialist in science and Health.

Perry was trained in the psychoanalytic school but you would never know it the way he lets his clients teach him. He readily ditches diagnoses of others if they do not seem to fit. He digs deeply into the nitty-gritty of the family and social environment that led to calls for therapy looking for the real issues and the how and when each problem child suffered trauma. He shares his insights into how brains develop in babies and children through the first three most-vulnerable years. Even mild neglect can have lasting and distorting consequences for the child if it is at all repetitious. One of his critical keys is to look at each case from the child's point of view.

The message to be taken away is that nurturing in otherwise healthy individuals can trump genetics if it is negative enough. In short, sociopaths are made, not born.

Some Observations on Extreme Authoritarianism in Individuals

  • Authoritarian Personalities permeate all societies.
  • Fundamentalists in any endeavor are Authoritarian personalities. The most extreme are Sociopathic. Dictators--even a democratic president--can be Sociopathic, Psychopathic according to Justin Frank M.D..
Oct 2003; Nov 2003; Jan 2006

A wise man or woman once said:
"If we cannot learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it"

Never could that be more true. The Bush Administration, acting on its own, has bitten off a lot more than it can chew in Iraq. And is now looking for regime change in Iran, in all the wrong places.
This legacy of the Korean War came as a huge surprise at the time. American soldiers captured by the Chinese army were forced to attend classes daily on Communist doctrine. Many, too many, came to believe what they were exposed to. This was the shocker. "How could this be?" We all asked ourselves. We are patriotic are we not ? Of course we were, and so were our soldiers. And that is still the case. Those are the facts, and we were perplexed at the time. How could that not have been? After all, this was an entirely new dimension of war, to us at least.

It took this site editor a good long while to realize that it could not have been otherwise. And our godless adversaries had figured that out and were able to take full advantage of our cultural ignorance, some might say weakness.
"Declaration of War against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places"

This "Declaration Of War" is the so-called Ladenese epistle.
When will we start listening?? This man is telling us something.

When the pagan King Amroo Ibn Hind tried to humiliate the pagan Amroo Ibn Kulthoom, the latter cut the head of the King with his sword rejecting aggression, humiliation and indignation.
This fatwa was a tightly reasoned declaration of war, but not widely recognized as such, or even widely known. It was more than that: Only faith is more important than expelling America and Israel from the Holy Land. This was no instant cure. It was a promise to dig in and do what it takes for however long. Is this not a lesson for the future? There was enough truth in the tight reasoning alone to ring alarm bells.
Extended Review of an article by an authority on world affairs.

Mastering a Daunting Agenda (Excerpts reformatted)

Richard Holbrooke: Foreign Affairs, September/October 2008 (A premier journal)

The next U.S. president will inherit challenges unimaginable even eight short years ago. Richard Holbrooke gives us some of the reasons.