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Lessons From Human History
Research, begun on 12 Sept 2001, has been a work in progress ever since. Outlook for peace all over the world looks dim any time soon. But there is reason for hope in the longer term:

Hope Provided By Nature

RoadtoPeace Proposal.

Genes for Aggression, Hierarchy, and Conventionalism
are offset by
by genes for Parenting and Altruism.

How to handle this built-in genetic conflict is the challenge of our times. Societies that accent the nurture side of of the equation while inhibiting our aggressive-animal nature become more peaceful thereby. What follows summarizes the basic violent side while outlining some avenues that appear to be useful.
From outlaw to peaceful leader among nations.
From Kamakazi to international respect.
From utter defeat to a peaceful and great economic power.
How did it happen? What was the mix?